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MP-C Medical, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, IT & Localization Translations is not an agency of translations, but a provider of translation, editing and proofreading services offered by Dr Mihaela Petrican - a freelance translator.

Dr. Mihaela Petrican delivers top-quality services in medical & pharmaceutical translations from English, Italian, French and Romanian into Italian, Romanian and English.

Medicine is a highly-specialized field that requires a specialized knowledge: in the case of medical & pharmaceutical translations, even minor errors can lead to serious consequences. Medical texts often include abbreviations, acronyms and highly specialized medical terminology that only a doctor can understand. Literal word-by word translation is unacceptable in almost any fields of translations, but in the case of medical texts, it might lead to unrecognizable distortion of the real meaning, with severe consequences

Language barriers are often obstructive and counterproductive, but when it comes to medical areas, they can be dangerous as well, as the accuracy of a translation may have direct impact of people's lives

That is why MP-C Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations emphasizes on the accuracy and top- quality of the translations provided.

Your assignments will always be handled with professionalism, utmost care and attention to details.

If your medical and/or pharmaceutical documents require highly specialized, accurate and rapid translations from English, Italian or Romanian into Romanian, English or Italian, at a competitive price/quality ratio, MP-C Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations is the right choice.

The medical background and practice experience together with the proficient knowledge of both source and target languages are the keys of success.
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