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Service description
Language barriers

Language barriers are often obstructive and counterproductive, but when it comes to medical areas, they can be dangerous as well, as the accuracy of a translation may have direct impact of people's lives.
I collaborate with various translation agencies as well as direct clients in the medical and IT industry
Accuracy and top- quality
That is why Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations emphasizes on the accuracy and top- quality of the translations provided
Your assignments will always be handled with professionalism, utmost care and attention to details.
Rapid translations
If your medical and/or pharmaceutical documents require highly specialized, accurate and rapid translations from English, Italian or Romanian into Romanian, English or Italian, at a competitive price/quality ratio, Dr. Mihaela Petrican Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations is the right choice.
Highly specialized
Proficient knowledge
The medical background and practice experience together with the proficient knowledge of both source and target languages are the keys of success.

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, IT & Localization Translations Dr. Mihaela Petrican, provides translation, proofreading and editing services.
For any project

For any medical, scientific, pharmaceutical/ IT & Localization document you need to translate from English, Italian, French or Romanian into Romanian, Italian or English, the translation process always consist in the following 6 steps:
1. Project assessment and management: establishing a specification of the project, including: review of materials, volume of work, difficulty level, target population, planification schedule / timeframe and total costs.
2. Project preparation
- pre-processing of documents
- glossary compilation: for every project, a specific glossary of terms will be created. The glossary is used to ensure a consistent terminology throughout the text and also for similar projects. I'm using CAT tools (mostly SDL Studio Trados 2007, 2011, 2014, 2021 and memoQ 2014, 2021) in order to build translation memories and glossaries. This way, I am able to ensure consistency of terminology even in large projects.
3. Translation and proofreading
I provide translations from English, Italian, French or Romanian into Romanian, English or Italian.
The translations into English and Italian are proofread by medical editors, native speakers of English, respectively Italian, at no charge for customer.
I'll be responsible for ensuring the uniformity of terminology and the stylistic consistency of all projects.
4.Quality assurance (QA) of final output
Prior to delivery, the final document is carefully checked against the original files.
5. Customer review/validation
- I deliver the translation directly to the customer's reviewers, who verify the translation and provide their comments. I'm using the client's expertise and working knowledge of their products by collaborating with their reviewers and inserting all necessary changes prior to deliver the final version of translations.
Changes to technical terms are input at no charge. Changes to style or further general changes to the text are input at an hourly rate.
6. Final document
The final documents are delivered by e-mail, in electronic format. If the files are very large, I can either post them on a FTP site, cloud drive or mail them as CD and/or printed pages.

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